1. Before we talk about your business, tell us a little bit about yourself, where you’re from, and how you got started?

2. When did you discover Business and Sales was your passion?

3. You have a Dance and Theater Company that you started when you were 19 years old, how did you do that at such a young age?

4. Did you leave the dance and theater business or do you still do it on the side?

5. You also have an outdoor advertising business that you run with your husband, who's idea was it to start that?

6. Do you still have that business?

7. What drives you to keep believing in the value of businesses and entrepreneurship? 

8. I heard your 12-year daughter has her own business too? Now was that her idea or did you coach her?

9. They say that investing in yourself is the most important investment one can make. What are some of the ways you’ve made an investment in yourself?

10. I've heard you talk on John Maxwell's Law of Trade Off taken from his Book 15 invaluable laws of Growth, I can tell that talk is very close to your heart. What was it you had to give up to go up and why did you take that risk?

11. You have a strong background in goal setting and mind set, but what is that sets your programs apart from all the others in the field?

12. What is CATS?

13. Tell us about the DANCE program you have designed to help people succeed? 

14. We’ve talked a lot about success, but as entrepreneurs we know that it doesn’t start out that way... there’s some real grind in the beginning. Talk about some of the struggles early on in your career and what you learned from it.

15. In hindsight, do you feel like that particular failure played a part in the success you’re enjoying today?

16. You have your own web show don't you? What is it called and how do we access it?

17. You have a new book coming out soon, can you tell us a little about it?

18. I know today your passion is to work with others in gaining the tools and opportunity necessary so they can obtain financial freedom.  What kind of people are you looking for?

19. For anyone listening in who are thinking about pulling the trigger and becoming an entrepreneur, or following their passion --- What advice would you give them?

20. Where can we go to learn more information about your company and what you have going on?

Maria is a brilliant, energetic, and inspirational speaker! Her dynamic personality and charm is a guiding light into personal development, Leadership, and empowerment. Through her seminars I have learned to over come struggles, set goals , and create action plans that have turned my life around. She is a true inspiration to all who know her, and to all who have heard her speak. Maria is a first class teacher in leadership development, personal growth, positive mind set, and action plans. Her life shows that she doesn't only talk the talk, but she also walks the walk. What struck me as amazing is that she teaches her children the power of mind set, goals, and personal growth. If I had to pick one word that best describes Maria, it would be "Empowering." - Kukuwa Kyereboah-Nuamah

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