Darn! It's a Migraine

Do you want to build a snowman? It's a simple idea that rings in the hearts of every child and parent when the first snowflake falls from the sky. Imagine all the fun that awaits - sledding, snow angels, snowball fights, snow cream, a warm fire, and hot cocoa. Then you're hit, but it's not a snowball. At first, you think it's just snow blindness, but it grows more prominent, and the dancing zig-zag lines begin to take over your vision. You can not see. You begin to feel the first wave of nausea that causes your stomach to clinch in knots. Darn, it's another Migraine...

You exclaim in a whisper, "I'm having a migraine; I can't see." The family fun comes to a screeching halt as your family stares at you in disbelief as if you could control it. Not only does a migraine stop the fun, but it also creates feelings of guilt and shame. What was once screams of joy and laughter in the snow, now fades into disappointment and anger.

"You always have a migraine."

"Where can I find your medicine?"

"Do you need an ice pack?"

"Can I help you walk to the house?"

"What can I do to help you?"

The hoard of questions that flood your brain is overwhelming. "Why me God, why can't I be normal" you ponder to yourself. There's nothing you can do but grab an arm to be taken off to your darkroom, where you'll spend the next two days in excruciating head pain, fatigue, brain fog, depression, and sleep. "Migraines are a debilitating disease that affects more than 1 billion people worldwide. That's 1 in 4 households"(AMF, 2019)

I have had migraines for over 30 years now, and the above story is mine. They are genetic. I have done everything to control them from brain scans, tests, medicines, iPhone apps, food eliminations, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and neurologists. There isn't anything you can tell me to do that I haven't already done before. I've done them all. The medicines over the years prescribed by my doctors have caused weight gain, hair loss, kidney stones, and depression. One of them was once a saving grace. I had no migraines for four years, but it caused kidney stones. I had to go off it.

I decided to stop the madness and find my path holistically speaking. I went back to school to become an herbalist I knew the truth was out there, somewhere. I was determined to find my cure naturally. I quickly learned about Tanacetum parthenium (Feverfew) as a preventive. "A leaf a day can be a preventive," according to a study done by the University of London. However, it tastes horrible. Feverfew is bitter and sharp on the palate. But, You can overcome the flavor once you realize the benefits it gives when coping with a migraine.

Warning! When used orally and appropriately, short-term. Feverfew has been used safely in studies lasting up to 4 months. It should NEVER be used if you are pregnant or nursing. The herb is an emmenagogue. I recommend being under the consultation of an herbalist, such as myself, or another holistic health care provider before consuming this herb daily. Feverfew does not cure, treat, or prevent diseases, but it is excellent for helping you manage the after-effects of migraines. Multiple studies have been done on this magical herb.

Feverfew is known to help with the postdrome stage of migraines, such as inability to concentrate, fatigue, depressed and euphoric mood, and lack of comprehension. In my case, I take feverfew, in tincture form, as soon as I see my aura/zig-zag lines. It has helped me not have the postdrome stage, which for me, is the worse part of the migraine because I can't function for days. If you or a loved one suffers from migraines drop me a text, I can share a monograph on feverfew that you can show to your healthcare provider to discuss if feverfew is right for you.


The American Migraine Foundation - https://americanmigrainefoundation.org

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