Wellness in a Messy World.

One of the hardest things to do in today's world is to eat healthily. We live in such a messy world that it's hard to stay on track. I have struggled with my weight since I was ten years old at the start of puberty. It seems as each year goes by, my weight keeps adding up.

Hopeless and exhausted, I decided to try something different. I remembered back in 2007. I was down to 150 pounds and fitting into a size seven jeans. It was amazing. I felt great! People kept telling me, "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels." I'm not sure what that means, but I think it means that a chocolate cake doesn't taste as good as being skinny. I have to disagree.

Chocolate cake is amazing. Especially if you haven't had it in three years, no pun intended. I guess you can see how I got to be a size 14 again. Yeah! I gave in to the chocolate cake and many other bad eating habits. Once it starts, they become hard to break. I get it... Really... I do... I've been there, heck, I'm still there. This messy world seems always to win the battle of my sweet tooth.

Who here can relate?

I found a secret. I found a way to have my chocolate cake and eat it too. Keto! That's it... Keto has changed my life.

Let me stop you before you attack. I am human like you, and I make mistakes. But this is my story and what has helped me. All I want to do is share my journey. Punch me in the face if you must, but this is the truth of me.

I know some Keto practices aren't healthy, and I too, have heard many horror stories. However, I picked up Dr. Josh Axe's book from "The Doctors" TV show and learned how to prepare Keto the healthy way. I recommend his book to anyone that is wanting to learn to do Keto the 'right' way. I know of the wrong way and seen the results. I have experience when it comes to dieting. I like to think of myself as a professional dieter. I have literally tried them all. I was vegan for about three years and gained a butt load of weight. Vegan has too many carbs for me. I have to have protein.

I have been on Keto now for about 8 weeks. My results are about 5 pounds in total so far. I have started getting compliments about my weight loss. (Yay Me) I feel better than I have in a long time. I don't have brain fog anymore, and I feel like getting up off the couch to go for a walk. (Notice I didn't say I was walking, just thinking about it.)

I have been sick and tired so long that I think that I thought it was inevitable that I would be this way for the rest of my life. I blamed it on aging. I think the finger should be pointed at eating the wrong things. Of course, I take full responsibility for my poor eating habits. I get that and have adjusted my lifestyle to learn to eat better and plan better for mealtime. I recommend you READ "The Keto Diet" by Dr. Josh Axe, he explains everything and lists many different recipes to follow. Enjoy.

OH, and by the way, YES, there is a Keto Chocolate Cake. I am having my chocolate cake and eating it too. ;-p

The Keto Gluten Free Chocolate Cake.

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