The Lyons Den Show With Maria

Welcome to the Lyons Den with Maria Lyons where you'll be inspired by real-life stories, of business owners, people who have overcome challenges, herbal medicine DIYs, celebrities and local people making a difference in their communities.

Negative Vs. Positive Thinking

Maria Lyons took my shy, self-conscious persona - fearful of speaking in front of even a small group - and introduced into my life a sense of self: one with heart remodeled courage and mental toughness. Gently but with the strength of purpose, she helped transform a potential in me very probably lost without her compassionate guidance. She taught me many things, but most importantly, she touched my life with a profound meaning of confident communication as a tool for building an authentic platform supporting service to others. Her sense of collaborative work with others has remained with me and has become an essential part of my own life's work. For her tireless capacity and willing spirit for mentoring others with knowledge, patience, and caring, I am forever grateful. - Darlene P. Cagle

Intentional Growth

Do you know what personal growth is? How much time do you spend on yourself? Watch this video to find out how to grow intentionally.

BLU University Interview

Exclusive Interview with Dan Vega, an American entrepreneur, speaker, talk show host, & film producer.


His hit TV SHOW Tuesday's with Dan aired late nights on ABC in over 1 million homes. Today because of its popularity and national success is known as The Dan Vega Show. 

Dan believes in giving back and wants to help others achieve success in entrepreneurship. That why he's one of the lead instructors at BLU University. For more information on BLU University go to

(828) 508-6963

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